Our recruitment process

The recruitment process at Cairn works for both of us. 

We are as keen for you to find out as much about the company and its people as we are to find out about you. Throughout the process you will have the opportunity to talk to, and meet, a cross section of Cairn staff. The aim of this process is to ensure that not only are you the right fit for the job, but also to help you decide if a career at Cairn is right for you.

Cairn prides itself on offering an empowering, entrepreneurial and friendly work environment and this is reflected in our recruitment and selection process. 

We evaluate all CVs we receive for advertised positions to ensure skills and abilities match the vacant job. Typically we will conduct two interviews, the first will either be face to face or by telephone and will normally be technical in nature. At second interview stage we will conduct a behavioural type interview, including a psychometric assessment and sometimes request that a presentation is made to a selection of Cairn staff. Second interview is when you have the opportunity to ask more questions about the company and to meet staff from across the organisation.

When we make a job offer it is because we believe the candidate not only has the skills and abilities for the job, but because they demonstrate a desire and willingness to work in an entrepreneurial and empowering work environment like Cairn.

We are looking for people who have the right skills and ability for the job but who will also will be a good fit for Cairn's entrepreneurial and empowering work environment.