Voting Results of General Meeting

30 January, 2012

1. Results of General Meeting held on 30 January 2012 Cairn announces that at the General Meeting held earlier today, resolutions 1 and 3 to 6 set out in the Notice of General Meeting put to the General Meeting were passed by the required majority.  As previously announced, resolution 2 was withdrawn and was accordingly not put to the General Meeting. Each of the resolutions put to the General Meeting was voted on by way of a poll and the results are set out in the table below. Each shareholder, present in person or by proxy was entitled to one vote per share held.


Resolution 1*** Approval of subdivision of ordinary shares, consolidation and division of intermediate shares into new ordinary shares, put option agreement and amendments to share scheme rules and articles of association of the Company 833,177,169 95.78 36,674,282 4.22 869,851,451 6,825,521
Resolution 2 Approval of share award in favour of Sir Bill Gammell Resolution Withdrawn
Resolution 3 Approval of any disposal by any member of the Group of any shares in Cairn India Limited 804,002,676 92.02 69,680,931 7.98 873,683,607 2,993,365
Resolution 4 Authority to allot shares   752,564,040 88.33 99,434,890 11.67 851,998,930 24,678,042
Resolution 5*** Disapplication of pre-emption rights 815,440,523 95.71 36,552,162 4.29 851,992,685 24,684,287
Resolution 6*** Authority to purchase own shares 845,086,830 99.18 6,977,750 0.82 852,064,580 24,612,392

*  Includes discretionary votes.
** A vote withheld is not a vote in law and is not counted for the purposes of the calculation of the proportion of votes ‘For’ and ‘Against’ a resolution.
*** Indicates a Special Resolution. 2. Resolutions Submitted to NSM The Company has today submitted to the National Storage Mechanism (NSM) copies of the resolutions passed at the General Meeting. These documents will shortly be available for inspection at  The resolutions carried at the General Meeting are set out in full in the Notice of General Meeting which can be found on the Company’s website at

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