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Policies and principles

In 2015, we updated Cairn’s Corporate Responsibility (CR)-related policies and principles.

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Health, Safety & Security (HSS) Policy PDF 84KB

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy PDF 76B

Environment Policy PDF 85KB

Our Business Principles and key policies

While we continue to adhere to all our principles, the most recent updates have improved clarity around major accident hazards and demonstrated our commitment to maintaining high standards of risk prevention and management.

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The UN Global Compact

Cairn remains a signatory to the UN Global Compact and we integrate the 10 universally accepted principles into our policies and Business Principles. We have made significant efforts to ensure these are applied in a meaningful manner in our operations and engage our partners, contractors and stakeholders on these and in the way we conduct our business. Examples of this can be seen in the way in which we have increased our focus on compliance with all human rights aspects (see Human rights).

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