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Corporate governance

We are committed to promoting high standards of corporate governance; we view governance as fundamental to business performance.

Board composition

The Board comprises the non-executive Chairman, the Chief Executive, the Chief Financial Officer and six independent non-executive directors.

The executive directors have extensive experience and knowledge of the oil and gas industry. Together, the non-executive directors bring a broad range of business, commercial and financial experience to the board. In addition, all have experience of the industry.

Chairman and Chief Executive

There is a clear separation of the roles of Ian Tyler, Chairman and Simon Thomson, Chief Executive, to ensure an appropriate balance of responsibility and accountability. The division of responsibilities has been clearly established, set out in writing and agreed by the Board.

The Chairman is responsible for the effective running of the Board, ensuring that the Board plays a full and constructive part in the determination and development of the Group's strategy and acting as guardian and facilitator of the Board's decision-making process.

The Chief Executive is responsible for managing the Group's business, proposing and developing the Group's strategy and overall commercial objectives in consultation with the Board and, as leader of the executive team, implementing the decisions of the Board and its committees.

Board committees

The main Board committees are the audit committee, remuneration committee, nomination committee and governance committee.

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Our most recent corporate governance report, along with further information on each of the Board committees, can be found in the 2016 Annual Report and Accounts.