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The Company continues to be committed to equality and diversity, and recognises that a diverse workforce is fundamental to our business and essential for the delivery of our objectives.

We understand the importance of a diverse workforce in broadening our skill base, bringing different approaches, perspectives and ideas, challenging norms and encouraging creativity, all of which support the business in successfully achieving its goals.

Our People Management Policy manual has a section dedicated to diversity, which lays out the Company’s overall position on equality and diversity and how this is implemented with respect to areas such as recruitment and selection, training and development, and remuneration and benefits. The section also includes policies specific to disability, religion and belief, and the treatment of those employed on a part-time basis. We continue to capture data on the gender, nationality and disability of our appointed staff through our voluntary equal opportunities form.

While it remains an area of continued focus, we are proud that our workforce now comprises 16 different nationalities and is made up of 48% women. Currently, 25% of management roles are held by women and since May 2015, women represent 20% of the Company’s appointed Management Team (increasing from 8%). Our practice continues to be to engage with the local talent in our international offices and we seek, wherever practicable, to fill our local resource needs with nationals of the country of operation.

At year-end 2015:

  • 48% of Cairn staff were women (73 of 151 employees);
  • 7.3% of Cairn staff worked part time (11 employees);
  • 86% of women returned to work following maternity/adoption leave (six of seven employees) and 100% of men returned following adoption/paternity leave;
  • 16 different nationalities were employed at Cairn;
  • 3.3% of the workforce had a disability (five employees);
  • the average age at Cairn was 43;
  • 25% of management roles were held by women (12 of 48 managers); and
  • one of the nine members of the Board was a woman (11%).

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