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Business continuity

In 2015, we enhanced our recovery strategies in the event of a crisis incident. This included an extensive exercise programme to test our crisis incident response.

A business continuity exercise was completed in Q3 2015 and involved members of the Crisis Emergency Response Team (CERT) and representatives from various functions across the business. The objective of the exercise was to test the initial response to an incident using a realistic crisis scenario in which our head office building would be out of operation for an extended period. The results from the exercise were positive overall, with lessons learned captured for future implementation. This exercise was supplemented by an extensive programme of information technology (IT) testing, which assessed the robustness of the Group’s IT disaster recovery plans.

Cairn also retains a disaster recovery specialist to ensure that the Company has access to workplace recovery seats in the event of a crisis incident. If required, this would provide access to a number of desks at two disaster recovery sites in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

A further review of our business continuity plan is scheduled in 2016.

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