Workers in circle

Culture and engagement

We continue to focus on engaging our employees to ensure they are performing at their best and are satisfied with the nature of the work they undertake.

Employee engagement remained a key focus area in 2015.

We recognise that communication is key to ensuring that people are informed and engaged from both a strategic and operational perspective. As such, we continued to communicate through regular team and staff meetings as well as updates from senior management. We also introduced the new step of offering staff the opportunity to pose questions anonymously in advance of town hall staff meetings to ensure that areas of particular interest or concern could be addressed. In addition, our executive directors host regular ‘coffee and chat’ sessions with small groups from across the business to facilitate conversations on strategy, operations and the working environment.

As part of our commitment to Corporate Responsibility, we encourage staff to participate in volunteering opportunities and provide up to three days’ volunteering paid leave per year. In 2015, a number of staff participated in two team charity events. These events included a 50 mile cycle from Glasgow to Edinburgh to raise money for Bowel Cancer UK and a 26.2 mile walk over the hills in the annual Pentland Push, raising funds for St. Columbas Hospice. As well as raising money and awareness for these very deserving charities, the events gave the opportunity to teambuild and encourage employees to get active. In total, £15,000 was raised with widespread support among employees.

The Company Social Committee is an active part of Cairn and gives staff opportunities to mix with their colleagues from across the organisation, helping to foster positive working relationships and a collaborative work environment.

Office environment and security

In 2015, we undertook an office refurbishment in Edinburgh. The office space was reconfigured on a regionally focused basis to help support the delivery of the Group’s work programmes, with an emphasis on creating an open, collaborative environment allowing ease of communication across regions and functions. To further enhance our commitment to health and safety, new health, safety and environment (HSE) and security communication posters were created and placed in focal points across our offices as a reminder to all staff that health and safety is at the forefront of all that we do.

The Company, in conjunction with Police Scotland, also delivered a series of security workshops in the Edinburgh office. Sessions were aimed at raising staff awareness in the current environment and included the roll out of new Cairn-specific office security handbooks. These were well-received by all those who attended.

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