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Creating value in Senegal

Cairn is committed to business activities delivering positive, lasting social and economic benefits in Senegal.

Since entering Senegal in 2013, our objective has been to build a resource base that can be developed to maximise the value which could be created for Senegal, and improve energy security for the country. Finding a significant source of oil and gas offshore Senegal would benefit the national economy, local communities, businesses and the Government of Senegal, providing valuable taxation revenues whilst also creating longer term national energy security and potential export revenues.

Through targeted social investment we work to help develop community assets and support educational and enterprise opportunities. We seek to work with credible and effective local partners in programmes to maximise the value of our activities in the areas where we operate.

Local employment and trading with local businesses

By the end of 2015, we were employing an organisation in Dakar of 10, which included 8 Senegalese nationals.

In 2015, we engaged a number of Senegalese companies operating locally to assist our operations with logistics and base support, waste management services, aircraft handling services, transport services, administration, accommodation and environmental and social consultancy services.

Through direct local hiring and the contracting of local businesses, Cairn is helping to generate employment. Although during exploration and appraisal activities this tends to be at a fairly low level, we are also developing experience and skills for potential future activities by supporting capacity building in English language and presentation skills for students at the University of Dakar (UCAD) (see Local contractors).

Education and training

Throughout 2015 we carried out a range of investments focused on developing the capacity of institutions and businesses in Senegal, some of which support both our current and our potential future operations and some, the wider community. Our stakeholder engagement programme in 2015 highlighted opportunities to encourage entrepreneurial spirit.

For more details see Social and economic benefits delivered in Senegal

Payments to the Senegalese Government

We also contribute to the Senegalese Government through the payment of taxes and duties. In 2015, we paid fees to the Government of Senegal principally for training allowances, withholding taxes and licence fees.

Social investment

In addition, we have an established procedure for developing Social Investment Plans (SIPs) across our operational activities (see Social investment). As part of our social investment plan in Senegal we have partnered with The Hunger Project to support their microfinance programme in 10 community clusters in Senegal, as well as sponsoring a nationwide competition for the Great Entrepreneur run by the British Council in Dakar.


students participating in Capricorn Senegal-sponsored capacity building.


institutional stakeholders participating in Capricorn Senegal-sponsored capacity building.

US$9.5 million

in payments to the Senegalese Government in 2015.


spend on social investment projects in Senegal 2015.

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