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Cairn Energy PLC is an independent, UK-based energy company focused on oil and gas exploration, development and production.

We have explored, discovered, developed and produced oil and gas in a variety of locations throughout the world, and have extensive experience as an operator and partner in all stages of the oil and gas life cycle.

Creating value responsibly

Cairn is committed to working responsibly as part of our strategy to deliver value for all stakeholders. This means working in a safe, secure, environmentally and socially responsible manner.

Company in a snapshot


  • Cairn is one of Europe’s leading independent oil and gas exploration and development companies and has been listed on the London Stock Exchange for 30 years.

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  • We have explored, discovered, developed and produced oil and gas in a variety of locations throughout the world as an operator and partner in all stages of the oil and gas lifecycle. 

  • We are a focused and dynamic operator, bringing pace to safe and efficient operations whilst delivering lasting social and economic benefits to the countries in which we invest. 

  • We have demonstrated the ability to manage unique operating challenges onshore and offshore, in shallow and deep waters locations, in remote and frontier locations. 

  • We have a strong track record of adding value for Government and Joint Venture partnerships having formed and contributed to multiple partnerships past and present.


  • Cairn is supported by strong, long term financial investors and funded to actively assess new ventures and portfolio additions.
  • Cairn’s production assets, located in mature basins, provide cash flow to sustain exploration and development activity.


  • Cairn operates to industry leading standards in health, safety and environmental management and corporate social responsibility.
  • A culture of working responsibly means having the right values, principles and policies in place to deliver lasting and social economic benefits.


  • During a twenty year investment programme, we delivered a series of flagship projects across South Asia in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

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  • When others saw few prospects in India, we created transformational growth and significant value through the discovery, development and production of substantial resources.

  • We played an active role in developing India's reserves, building the domestic industry and enhancing energy security.
    • Creating a world class oil province in Rajasthan - the largest onshore discovery in India for more than 25 years with the potential to provide more than 30% of India's daily crude oil production.
    • Mangala, Bhagyam and Aishwariya fields were three of the largest finds in Rajasthan with recoverable reserves and resources of more than one billion barrels.
    • Drilling the first deep-water wells in India, opening the now prolific Krishna Godavari basin which also included the discovery and development of the country's first offshore gas field in the Bay of Bengal.

  • Elsewhere in Asia, we discovered the first offshore gas field in Bangladesh and operated for more than ten years as a catalyst for industry investment in the region.   

  • We delivered a two year 8 well programme in The Arctic. 

  • In Senegal, the company made one of the largest oil discoveries in 2014 and established a new hydrocarbon province.
    • Two basin opening discoveries were the first deep water wells to be drilled offshore Senegal.
    • With partners established a resource base that will deliver 100,000 bopd.
    • A major project is now underway to develop and produce the country’s first offshore oil and gas development, delivering enduring social and economic benefits to the people of Senegal.