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Key performance indicators

The 2017 Group KPIs below were set by the Board in December 2016.

Strategic objective:

Deliver exploration and appraisal success

Purpose Grow the resources and reserves base to provide a basis for future growth

Objective 2017 KPI
Maximise value
in Senegal
Safely, cost-effectively and successfully drill, evaluate and flow test
appraisal wells on the SNE field in Senegal to allow preparation of
the Evaluation Report and update our estimate of resources and
capital required to develop the field in a timely manner.
Achieve exploration
success through
discovery or addition
of commercial
hydrocarbons in 2017
Efficiently discover commercial quantities of hydrocarbons through
maturation and drilling of select exploration and appraisal wells
across the portfolio.

Measured by: new commercial discoveries based on 2C resources
found; cumulative net volumes found versus Group target; and
finding efficiency expressed in US$/bbl versus industry benchmarks.

Strategic objective:

Portfolio management

Purpose Active portfolio management and acreage optimisation

Objective 2017 KPI
Portfolio optimisation
and replenishment

Develop an inventory and timeline of exploration and appraisal opportunities which meet Cairn’s technical and commercial criteria.

Measured by increasing the prospect inventory by securing or maturing new independent opportunities from within or outside our portfolio.


Strategic objective:

Deliver operational excellence

Purpose Deliver operational excellence in all 2017 activities

Objective 2017 KPI
Successfully complete operated and non-operated 2017 work programme Successfully progress our development and production projects against key milestones including, as appropriate, capex, opex and sales volume targets.

Strategic objective:

Maintain licence to operate

Purpose Deliver value in a safe, secure and environmentally and socially responsible manner

Objective 2017 KPI
Deliver activities with a focus on the safety of people and the environment

Achieve leading HSSE indicators linked to four categories within the Group’s Corporate Responsibility Management System (Business
Relationships, Society and Communities, People and the Environment).

Achieve lagging HSSE indicators linked to the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) targets and guidelines.

Investing in People and Systems.

Strategic objective:

Deliver a sustainable business

Purpose Maintain a self funding business plan

Objective 2017 KPI
Manage balance sheet strength

Develop and implement a funding strategy that allows a value-generative plan to be executed and ensures a minimum headroom cushion from existing sources of funding is maintained.

Make tangible progress under the UK-India bilateral treaty arbitration.