About us

Our strategy

Our strategy is to deliver value for stakeholders by building and maintaining a balanced portfolio of exploration, development and production assets.

To maximise value, we focus exploration activities on frontier and emerging basins acreage, from which the greatest value can be created. Our current objectives are to grow our Senegal resource base and to progress our North Sea developments to first oil and cash flow, which is targeted in 2017.

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2017 strategic objectives

  1. Deliver exploration and appraisal success
    Purpose: Grow our resources and reserves
  2. Portfolio management
    Purpose: Actively manage our portfolio and optimise acreage
  3. Deliver operational excellence
    Purpose: In all 2016 activities
  4. Maintain licence to operate
    Purpose: Deliver value in a safe, secure, environmentally and socially responsible manner
  5. Deliver a sustainable business
    Purpose: Maintain a self-funding business plan