Why work at Cairn

Are you looking for an interesting and rewarding career in a successful company with an open and friendly culture?

Here are five great reasons why a career with Cairn may appeal:

1. Cairn is an independent, UK-based oil and gas exploration and development company

Over more than 20 years, we have built a strong track record of exploring, discovering, developing and producing oil and gas in a variety of locations across the world.

Cairn is listed on the London Stock Exchange, with headquarters in Edinburgh and offices in London, Norway and Senegal.

2. Cairn is different

Cairn has a dynamic, entrepreneurial culture.

Our success comes from taking an exploration focus on frontier and emerging basins, from which the greatest value can be created.

We concentrate on exploring new basins with the aim of making significant discoveries and opening up new frontiers.

Cairn started off as a small and pioneering company which achieved significant success in India, transforming the business into a FTSE 100 oil and gas exploration, development and production company.

We retain that entrepreneurial spirit which fostered our initial success and encourage our people to get stuck into all aspects of the business, from learning and development to forging relationships. We value our ability to move quickly and nimbly when it comes to new projects, and offer our employees the opportunity to get involved in the oil and gas industry at all stages of the lifecycle.

Today, the business is focused on our recent frontier exploration discoveries in Senegal and our development projects in the North Sea. This is an exciting point in our history, as we prepare to return to production once again while also continuing our pioneering exploration programme.

3. We have a fast moving culture where performance is rewarded and people can thrive

It’s our pioneering spirit that gives us our competitive edge. This means we’re always on the lookout for people who can embrace our culture – who are enthused by the prospect of working in a fast-moving environment on a range of diverse, interesting projects.

We’re a flexible, innovative business that doesn’t shy away from making decisions. We trust the talented people we employ, and empower them to use their initiative and run with their ideas.

We care about career development and will deliver this through responsibility you'll be trusted to choose your own challenges and be supported all the way.

There are plenty of diverse opportunities, fresh challenges and opportunity to develop new skills, all in an open and friendly environment. We’re committed to empowering our people so they can fulfil their potential.

Cairn people care about the Company they're loyal and trust us with their long-term careers.

It is important to us to ensure we are managing people in the right way and in line with international standards. As such we are pleased to have external validation in the form of accreditation from the internationally recognised standard Investors in People (IIP).

Investors in People is a global standard for people management. The standard defines what it takes to lead, support and manage people well for sustainable results. We have been an accredited Investor in People since 2004.

4. Corporate responsibility is an integral part of how we work and who we are

We are committed to working responsibly as part of our strategy to deliver value for all stakeholders. This means working in a safe, secure, environmentally and socially responsible manner.

This includes nurturing the talent of our staff, developing safe and healthy workplaces, protecting the environment and supporting the communities where we operate. We are seeking to enrich people's lives through hydrocarbon exploration and development.

Our operations can have an impact on local people and environments. Before we start working in a new area, we assess these potential impacts and identify ways to mitigate them, as well as designing and adapting operations accordingly.

Our values are core to the Company: respect, relationships and responsibility. We believe that being open and honest and respecting others helps to build successful relationships. Wherever we operate, we work with local people and encourage them to contribute to and benefit from our activities.

5. It is an opportunity to live in some of the most thriving and interesting international locations

Our headquarters are in Edinburgh, one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Edinburgh is one of the best places in the UK for quality of life, with stunning architecture, world-class galleries and museums, great restaurants and bars and beautiful countryside on its doorstep. It also offers first-rate education, with high quality schools and universities.

Our other international offices are in London, Stavanger in Norway and Dakar in West Africa. In London our office is based in the heart of the West End in Berkley Square, where we have a number of people based permanently. The office is also busy with people from around the organisation, with London being an excellent international meeting point. Stavanger is located on the west coast of Norway and is an oil and gas industry hub, particularly for activity in the North Sea. We opened the Stavanger office in 2012. We opened our office in Dakar, the capital of Senegal, in 2013 to support our exploration and appraisal drilling campaign offshore Senegal.