Republic of Ireland

  FEL 4/08   FEL 2/04   LO 16/18   LO 16/19   FEL 2/14

We hold exploration acreage offshore the Republic of Ireland as part of our exploration focus along the Atlantic Margin, and our strategy to focus on frontier and emerging basin acreage.

We are the operator of four licences and also hold a non-operated interest in one licence.

In 2016, the Company farmed-in to Licence Option (LO) 16/19 and was awarded LO 16/18 in the 2016 Atlantic Licensing Round. Acquisition of 3D seismic is planned to be acquired over both licence options, which are adjacent to one another, in 2017. We operate both LO 16/19 (70% WI, farm-in subject to approval from the Government of Ireland) and LO 16/18 (100% WI).

In 2016, we also farmed-in, as non-operator, to Frontier Exploration Licence (FEL) 2/14 in the Southern Porcupine Basin with a 30% WI. One exploration well is due to be drilled in 2017.

We also hold a 38%, operated WI in both FEL 2/04 and FEL 4/08.

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