Working responsibly

Charitable giving

We support the communities in which we work through both focused social investment and charitable donations.

In regions where we have operations, our support for local communities is coordinated in-country as part of our Impact Benefit activities.

See how we have supported The Hunger Project, a women-led microfinance project, in our Corporate Responsibility Report.

Cairn has an annual charitable giving programme, managed by its Charities Committee. All requests for funding are considered and evaluated in line with the Committee’s selection criteria.

Selection criteria

Cairn supports charities that share our core values of Respect, Relationships and Responsibility, and encourage the behaviours we value in our own organisation, such as teamwork, fostering individual potential and encouraging entrepreneurial spirit.

Our charitable giving is disbursed across several categories including young people, communities, health, environment, arts and culture, and education and learning.

Application guidelines:

  • We consider applications from registered charities only
  • Our support is primarily limited to charities operating in Edinburgh and Lothians
  • Previous applicants are welcome to apply again, whether successful or not in previous rounds
  • We do not provide details of average funding and minimum / maximum donations
  • We cannot provide any specific feedback if an application is unsuccessful
  • We are unable to provide any information in addition to what is available on this webpage regarding our donations and charitable giving process
  • We do often make partial donations
  • We will consider multi-year support

Please note that Cairn does not fund the following types of activities:

  • Charities with religious or political affiliations
  • Political parties
  • Places of worship
  • Labour unions
  • Organisations where there is a potential conflict of interest
  • Organisations that discriminate
  • Individual sponsorship


Should you wish to apply to Cairn for charitable funding and you meet the above selection criteria, please complete the following application form to the attached document and submit to

All applications will be considered by the Charities Committee. The deadline for applications for 2020 funding is 18 October 2019, the Committee decisions will be shared by the end of December 2019.