Working responsibly


Protecting the environment is a high priority for us. We take a precautionary approach, identifying and assessing the potential risks and impacts of our operations on the world around us, at all stages of a project.

Assessing potential impacts       

We recognise that oil and gas exploration, development and production may have an impact on the environment. We seek to understand and minimise any adverse impact without affecting our commitment to safety. See more about how we manage and report climate change risks.

We seek to prevent, minimise or mitigate any adverse impact that we may have, by:

During each stage of a project, we assess potential impacts, both direct and indirect, in a holistic way. This involves a range of mechanisms, including:

  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIAs);
  • additional studies and a formal assessment for any project where significant potential impacts are identified;
  • asset and site-specific Environmental and Social Management Plans that integrate biodiversity; and
  • Biodiversity Action Plans where there is a significant risk to, or potential impact on, biodiversity.