Working responsibly


We recognise the impact our activities may have on biodiversity, and commit to protecting it where we operate.

Our precautionary approach

Our exploration and development activities have the potential to affect biodiversity on land and in marine environments. We therefore take a ‘precautionary approach’, believing that where threats of serious or irreversible damage exist, however uncertain, cost-effective damage-prevention measures should be taken.

We take our responsibilities very seriously, especially for operations that may affect critical habitats or protected areas. We assess potential biodiversity impacts, and engage with relevant technical specialists, government departments, non-governmental organisations and local stakeholders to guide any mitigation activities.

We do not explore, develop or enter into joint ventures with operations within UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Biodiversity Framework

Our Biodiversity Framework sets out a common approach, with processes and deliverables that apply to all our operations. The framework is governed by the highest levels of management within Cairn, but implemented locally.

Read more about our Biodiversity Framework in our Corporate Responsibility report.

Our commitments and principles related to biodiversity are laid out in our Code of Ethics and our Environment Policy