Working responsibly

Resource use, emissions, discharges, waste and sound

The global demand for energy is growing due to population growth, urbanisation and rising consumption. As society starts to transition to a low-carbon economy, we believe that balancing the ongoing need for energy with reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions will continue to require the efficient use of hydrocarbon fuels for some time to come. We continue to responsibly manage the natural resources we use, from energy to water and the waste our activities produce.

Resource use

For our offshore activities, most of our energy comes from hydrocarbon fuels such as marine diesel.

We recognise that access to clean water is a basic human right. Our business both impacts and depends on water resources close to our operations, so we have had a water resource strategy in place for some years. This covers:

  • monitoring and assessing fresh water abstraction and use, and potential impacts on fresh water resources;
  • investigating improvements to our freshwater management processes;
  • identifying and implementing measures to reduce impacts on fresh water; and
  • enhancing the reporting of our freshwater resources management.

Emissions and discharges

For offshore activities, we carefully manage emissions to air and discharges into the sea. It remains difficult to set specific reduction targets when levels of activity vary from year to year. Nonetheless, we remain committed to minimising our environmental impact from operations, and to reporting fully and transparently in accordance with industry good practice and methodologies, and international standards.


We implement clear waste management plans aligned to mitigation requirements from our impact assessments, and apply European and industry good practice wherever we operate. Where we are not the operator, we seek to influence our partners to do the same.


Sound generated by our operations may impact specific fauna. Here too, we apply good industry practice to minimise such impacts.

See our CR report for details of our air emissions, water use, wastewater generation and waste management performance.