Working responsibly

Our approach

Cairn is committed to working responsibly as part of our strategy to deliver value for all stakeholders. This means working in a safe, secure, environmentally and socially responsible manner.

Our values

Everything we do is guided by our core values, which we call the ‘3Rs’:

  • Building respect: We act with respect for people, their communities, the environment, human rights and the law.
  • Nurturing relationships: We act honestly, transparently and with integrity to develop strong and lasting relationships with all our stakeholders.
  • Acting responsibly: We behave fairly, ethically and are accountable for our actions.

Our Business Principles

Our core values and our Business Principles set out our goals and expected behaviours expressed in our Code of Ethics (‘the Code’).

infographic_our-business-principles.jpg infographic_our-business-principles.jpg infographic_our-business-principles.jpg

The Code is applied by our staff and other parties working on our behalf, and is integrated into our Corporate Responsibility policies and Corporate Responsibility Management System.