Working responsibly

Our approach

Cairn is committed to working responsibly as part of our strategy to deliver value for all stakeholders. This means working in a safe, secure and environmentally and socially responsible manner.

Our values

Everything we do is guided by our core values, which we call the ‘3Rs’:

  • Building Respect: We act with respect for people, their communities, the environment, human rights and the law.
  • Nurturing Relationships: We act honestly, transparently and with integrity to develop strong and lasting relationships with all our stakeholders.
  • Acting Responsibly: We behave fairly and ethically and are accountable for our actions. We believe in, and act on, our responsibility to care for people, society and the environment.

Our Business Principles

Along with our core values, our long-established Business Principles frame how we work, helping us to manage risks and behave ethically and responsibly to people, to the environment and to wider society.

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Our Business Principles are integrated into our systems and processes, including our Corporate Responsibility Management System (CRMS) and Cairn Operating Standards. They are expressed in our Code of Ethics (‘the Code’).

Prioritising issues

To work responsibly, we need to manage the most significant issues affecting our business and our stakeholders. Every two years, we conduct a thorough materiality assessment, inviting internal and external stakeholders to consider a range of issues determined from international reporting requirements and peer companies. We then rank these issues according to their importance to Cairn and to our stakeholders.

We report on the issues of ‘high’ and ‘medium’ materiality in our CR Report. ‘High’ materiality issues are also covered in our Annual Report and Accounts.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals

We support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), a global framework for businesses to assess the impact and value of their activities. We assess our contributions to the 17 SDGs through civil society commentary, stakeholder enquiries and community engagement.

Not all the SDGs are relevant to our business, but through our activities, we contribute positively towards many of them. We also seek to mitigate risks that may have negative impacts on people, society and the environment.

See a summary of our contributions to the SDGs in our CR Report

Working with our stakeholders

Listening to our stakeholders enables us to take their interests into account and respond to their concerns in a structured way.

We dedicate considerable time and effort to engaging with stakeholders by, for example, presenting to investment analysts, investors and shareholders; partnering with contractors and suppliers; participating at industry events; and briefing employees. We also respond directly to individuals and organisations on a wide range of issues, including company strategy and performance, diversity, remuneration, the global energy transition, safety and accident prevention, and biodiversity.

At a project level, bespoke Stakeholder Engagement Plans help us: identify stakeholder concerns; understand risks; identify actions to mitigate those risks; and communicate effectively. The plans are reviewed regularly so that changes in project scope, risk profile and stakeholder expectations can be taken into account.