Working responsibly

Business relationships

Behaving honestly, fairly and with integrity is central to Cairn’s interactions. 

We comply with applicable legal, regulatory and licence requirements and strive to be consistent with international norms of behaviour.

We seek to demonstrate leadership throughout our business and in our relationships with others.

The way we behave is critical to accessing business opportunities, implementing our plans and obtaining funding.

2016 performance highlights

  • 100% of all Investment Proposals submitted to the Board in 2016 included appropriate assessment of CR considerations.
  • CRMS met the requirements of OSPAR recommendation 2003/5.
  • 91% of employees trained in Cairn’s anti-bribery and corruption (ABC) policies and procedures.
  • US$25.7 million paid to governments*.
Material issues Level of materiality
Economics and funding  High
Contractors and supply chain  High
Ethics, ABC and transparency  High

* Refunds from governments, in 2016, were US$40.4 million.

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