Working responsibly

Emissions, discharges and waste management

For offshore activities, we carefully manage emissions to air and discharges into the sea.

Sewage, organic kitchen waste, bilges and contaminated drainage water are all treated and discharged in strict compliance with the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL).

Our exploration activities generate different volumes and types of waste, including oil-contaminated wastes, chemical wastes, non-hazardous wastes from office and domestic operations, and clinical wastes from medical facilities offshore. Our management of wastes is in line with internationally accepted best practices, and legal requirements and ‘duty of care’ standards remain our priority.

All wastes generated during offshore support operations (i.e. ship-based activities excluding drilling) are managed in accordance with MARPOL 73/78 requirements. Wastes that cannot be discharged at sea or incinerated offshore are segregated and transferred to shore for further treatment and disposal.

In Senegal, we continue our partnership with an international waste service provider to ensure that:

  • the waste management options in-country are well understood prior to start-up of operations;
  • local facilities and service providers have been audited and, where gaps are identified, plans are put in place to meet our requirements;
  • the Waste Management Plan was informed by the findings from in-country reviews and audits;
  • daily supervision of the waste management activities is set up for the duration of operations and a cradle-to-grave approach is followed through for each waste stream;
  • hazardous wastes, which cannot be treated locally in Senegal, are transferred to suitable treatment and disposal facilities outside Senegal and in full compliance with international law, including the Basel Convention; and
  • records of wastes and their treatment and disposal routes are maintained at all times.

On completion of exploration and appraisal activities, all waste management facilities used in the course of the project are subject to a close-out audit and final disposal.

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