Working responsibly


We remain focused on supporting and incentivising our people in their delivery of Group strategy, while ensuring that a culture of working responsibly is embedded in everything they do in their pursuit of the Company’s strategic objectives.

We do this by ensuring we have the right people in place with suitable competencies, that they have the right training and development opportunities, and that appropriate systems and tools are at their disposal. We also insist that our people exhibit the high-performance behaviours we have identified as part of our culture of working responsibly. In pursuit of our strategy, we also need to make sure Cairn is an attractive place to work in order to retain talent and attract new talent, to ensure we are performing to the best of our abilities.

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Objectives 2017

  • We will complete and roll out our revised People Management Policy and Manual
  • We will assess effectiveness of management training
  • We will perform a ‘Managing Talent’ audit
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