Working responsibly

External recognition of our people management

It is important to us to ensure we are managing people in the right way and in line with international standards.

As such, we are pleased to have external validation in the form of accreditation from the internationally recognised standard Investors in People (IIP).

IIP is a global standard for people management held by over 14,000 organisations in 75 countries. The standard defines what it takes to lead, support and manage people well for sustainable results. We are delighted to have been an accredited IIP since 2004, and in April 2016, to have been re-accredited by an independent assessor from IIP Scotland. This accreditation identifies both what we are doing well and areas for improvement.

As part of the assessment, our assessor met with a randomly selected 10% of employees from across the Group and we were delighted that following her review, our assessor found that she was “satisfied beyond any doubt that Cairn Energy PLC continues to meet the requirements of the Investors in People Standard”.

The assessment found that there was a tremendous team spirit; a clear sense of Company strategy and the Group KPIs with a focus on creating value; an understanding and appreciation of the new structure of the business into three defined geographical regions; and a clear sense of staff willing to share knowledge and information with each other so that they can continuously improve.

Other key areas of best practice highlighted by the assessment included the following:

  • Staff are very loyal to the Company and are committed to its future success. There is a sense of ownership and pride in working for the Company.
  • The Company is very clear on its future strategy and the business planning process is very sound.
  • The Company is very committed to the learning and development of its staff, and on-the-job training, including shadowing and informal coaching of staff, is of a high standard.
  • The Company’s revised appraisal and informal feedback process is very solid.
  • Members of staff feel very valued and appreciated for the work they undertake. There is a strong culture of praise, thanks and encouragement.
  • Decision-making and teamwork are major strengths in the Company.
  • Members of staff believe that the Company is a great place to work.

The one key area for development highlighted by the assessment was a greater focus needed in the area of return on investment in learning and development, to be able to more fully appreciate the full impact of learning and development in the Company. This will be considered throughout 2017.

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