Working responsibly

Focused on leadership

We recognise that the actions and behaviours of senior leadership are key to our success.

As such, throughout the year we focused on a number of initiatives designed to strengthen the skills of individuals in senior leadership and management positions as well as continuing to work on succession planning.

Senior Leadership Team 360° feedback

At Cairn, our Senior Leadership Team (SLT) comprises our Chief Executive, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Director of Exploration and our regional directors, ensuring key management personnel convene at least six times a year to discuss delivery of strategy and provide leadership throughout the business. We understand that those on our SLT are role models for our core values of respect, relationships and responsibility (the 3Rs), the foundation of our high-performance behaviours. Championing these behaviours, along with clear and regular communication and clarity of strategy, remains fundamental to maintaining both a strong Company culture and high level of employee engagement.

As a means of delivering against their goal of being role models – specifically in listening and personal development and showing commitment to acting upon feedback received from across the business – in 2016 each member of the SLT participated in a 360° feedback exercise. The aim of the exercise was to identify current strengths and areas for development – for individual leaders and for the leadership team as a whole. Each member was required to solicit feedback from a range of internal stakeholders with whom they interact, including their own line managers, their peers from across the Group and those reporting to them. Feedback was then provided to each SLT member on a one-to-one basis, with individual action plans derived from this. The next step, which we are now focusing on, is to review the feedback holistically to understand both strengths and areas for development for the team as a whole, and to communicate the feedback to staff across the Group.

Management Bootcamp

Work continued on our Management Bootcamp throughout 2016 with the aim of further developing the management skills of all our managers in the business to best deliver results through people by providing practical ‘how to’ management tips and techniques. The Bootcamp is structured to be energising, inclusive, challenging and thought-provoking. It considers the effect of behaviour on people and performance; the skills and tools needed to encourage the right behaviours, and how these will impact positively on the performance of Cairn’s teams and business deliverables.

The programme consists of seven modules: Recognition and Feedback, Coaching, Building Relationships, Delegation and Empowerment, Developing Teams, Managing Change, and Managing Conflict. Delegates are also provided with a pre-course one-to-one coaching session to help set out their objectives for the course and to put the development into a personal context.

The feedback from those who have attended the course has been very positive.

“As the Management Bootcamp programme has been developed for Cairn based on feedback from managers within the business, the training sessions are targeted to cover areas relevant to our business right now and this is extremely beneficial following a period of significant change within the Company. I like the short, modular in-house approach as this gives me an opportunity to take some time out of a busy schedule to focus on my professional development, which will be of benefit to me, my team and the Company.”

Managing succession planning

As part of our annual succession planning review, the Board of Directors was presented with an updated Group Succession Plan in June. The review confirmed that we had made good progress in several of the development areas identified through the prior year’s succession planning, with the Group talent pool enhanced during the year through a combination of external resourcing and internal promotions.

While we recognise that some succession risks exist, the review provided a crucial means of identifying where the key focus areas are and the resource, skills and capability gaps that need to be addressed to mitigate these risks.

Other positive outcomes of the review included:

  • the new regional structure, as finalised in 2015, is working well;
  • staff retention remains strong, providing stability and consistency in the delivery of current and future projects;
  • we have been able to benefit from quality external talent, available as a result of the challenges being faced by the industry as a whole, and this has proved advantageous for us in building in-house capacity where our internal resource pool had historically been low; and
  • our Management Bootcamp programme will support the business in developing the future succession pipeline.
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