Working responsibly

Major accident prevention and safety

Preventing major accidents and ensuring that our assets are fit to carry out their intended purpose – in this case, preventing escape of fluids or other hazardous substances from wells and equipment – remains a material issue industry wide.

We ensure effective engineering control barriers are in place and maintain our capability to respond in the event of a major accident or emergency. As in previous years, our focus is on prevention, a key part of which includes the assurance of well design and contractors.

Our procedures are designed to protect the integrity of our assets and help ensure all our operations are carried out effectively and safely. All our operations comply with national and relevant international legislation. We adopt industry good practice based on UK regulatory standards and International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) guidance and local regulations. These have also been used in the formulation of the Cairn Corporate Responsibility (CR) Standard Operating Procedures as part of the CR Management System (CRMS).

Prior to any work beginning, we undertake comprehensive audits of all the contractor vessels and drilling rigs we intend to use in our operations. These include compliance to standards and a review of their monitoring, inspection and maintenance procedures; and any shortfalls are reported and remedial actions followed up.

As part of our commitment to safety and the prevention of major accidents or hydrocarbon spills, we actively support and participate in initiatives established by IOGP.

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