Working responsibly

Health and well-being

Health and well-being

Total hours worked


  2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Employees1 306,178 366,232 390,096 274,473 341,745
Contractors2 39,023 426,908 1,155,123 397,713 615,873
Hours worked by employees / Hours worked by contractors

Hours worked by employees1


  2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Greenland 2,952 3,048 1,752 NA NA
Morocco 0 5,974 8,087 4,541 2,648
Nepal 6,264 3,176 NA NA NA
Norway 28,062 36,866 31,950 37,927 54,080
Senegal NA 352 11,496 19,032 19,840
Spain 13,392 11,840 11,116 1,168 NA
United Kingdom 255,508 304,977 325,695 211,805 265,177

Hours worked by contractors2


  2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Greenland 29,307 69,189 0 0 0
Ireland NA NA 29,684 0 0
Malta NA NA 7,645 0 0
Morocco 9,716 345,815 313,736 0 0
Senegal NA 11,904 804,058 397,713 591,887
United Kingdom NA NA NA NA 23,986

1. An employee is a person employed by and on the payroll of Cairn. Persons employed under short-service contracts are included as Cairn employees provided they are paid directly by Cairn. Cairn has a lot of other individuals who work on behalf of Cairn in the office. Those who are contracted for more than three months to an organisational position are categorised as ‘other workers’ and these individuals are included as employees for the purposes of reporting health and safety statistics, including hours worked. ('Other workers' are not included in absenteeism data which is applicable to employees only.) They are not paid directly by Cairn but through their employing organisation.

2. A contractor is someone contracted to work on Company business on a temporary basis in field based positions or a sub-contractor through another Company, or someone contracted to work on company business for less than three months in an office-based position. These people are not paid directly by Cairn but through their employing organisation. We record contractor work-related activities in-line with IOGP definitions of mode 1 and mode 2 contractors, mode 3 are excluded as per the IOGP guidelines.

Note: Hours worked are collected for employees and for contractors. Employee hours are derived primarily from Cairn’s time-writing system that UK and Norway employees use to log their working hours. For Senegal and Morocco employees, hours worked are estimated based on the number of working days in the month and the standard working hours. Employee hours include hours worked by ‘other workers’ as these are captured in the time-writing system. Cairn’s Human Resources department compiles the figures and enters them into the database each month.

Hours worked by field-based contractors are collected monthly, together with other HSE KPI data, from each vessel, rig, aircraft and shore base. For offshore workers, the hours are often calculated on a 12 hours per work day basis.

Hours worked by short-term (<3 months) office-based contractors have been collected for the first time in 2016. Figures for the Dakar office contractors were obtained monthly in the form of timesheets. The remaining figures were compiled at the end of 2016 using a list of non-time-writing personnel and the schedule of a software implementation project.

Total Absenteeism Rates


  2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Cairn total 1.39 1.03 1.00 0.65 1.16
United Kingdom 1.27 1.08 0.96 0.58 0.85
CIPD Benchmark 3.40 3.80 3.30 3.70 3.30

Note: This data covers employees only (and not 'other workers'/personnel who are contracted for more than 3 months to an organisational position). Contractor absenteeism is the responsibility of the contractor, and is not monitored by Cairn for reporting purposes.

Note: CIPD is the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development in the UK. The CIPD Benchmark provided here is their figure for the mean level of employee absence, per employee per annum (average working time lost per year (%)) and is applicable to the UK only.

Employee absenteeism and gender breakdown


  2013 2014 2015 2016
Cairn total/male/female 1.03/0.49/1.62 1.00/0.85/1.14 0.65/0.37/0.94 1.16/0.69/1.67
Greenland toal/male/female 0.51/0.51/NA 0.00/0.00/NA NA/NA/NA NA/NA/NA
Norway total/male/female 0.77/0.54/1.10 1.68/1.51/1.91 1.11/0.63/1.59 3.05/1.84/4.58
Senegal total/male/female NA/NA/NA NA/NA/NA 0.00/0.00/NA 0.00/0.00/NA
Spain total/male/female 0.85/1.15/0.38 0.81/0.70/0.96 NA/NA/NA NA/NA/NA
United Kingdom total/male/female 1.08/0.46/1.71 0.96/0.79/1.10 0.58/0.33/0.84 0.85/0.47/1.24

Note: Data has only been reported for 2013 onwards as gender data was not collected prior to 2013.

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