Working responsibly


The current worldwide security environment is dynamic and Cairn recognises the need to adapt and innovate in order to mitigate identified and emerging threats and provide a duty of care to our people, assets, investments, reputation and data.

Cairn has built on the security improvements made in 2015 and introduced new measures, such as an internal security governance forum, and new technology that greatly enhance the well-being of our business travellers.


In 2016, we built upon the Group security procedures to improve the steps taken to mitigate security risks in our operations. These also seek to ensure that standards of operations, equipment and training of personnel meet the requirements of the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights and are in line with key UN guidelines.

The global security landscape has changed dramatically in recent years with the increase in terrorist-related attacks, including countries previously regarded as ‘low risk’. This has prompted changes in approach to business travel risk assessment across the industry and maintenance of security around our operations. In 2016, we updated our travel health, safety and security procedure, strengthening travel risk assessments and travel management plans for trips to locations deemed to have heightened health, safety or security risks.

Additional enhancements to the travel management of personnel were made and country-specific personal security guidance is now in place to protect our employees and contractors.

Implementation and monitoring

In 2016, we introduced a new business traveller monitoring system that allows all individual travellers to instantly notify or communicate with a third-party risk management consultancy if they find themselves caught up in an emergency security incident and to indicate to Cairn management when they have arrived at their set destination. This system is designed to further protect business travellers in an increasingly unpredictable world, and the importance of this was highlighted to all staff during a townhall staff meeting in October 2016.

Operations in Senegal are served by a local security consultancy that provides assistance in the event of an emergency or serious threat. An independent security review was conducted as part of the planning process for our Senegal operations in 2014 and 2015. We continued to assess all operational areas including Senegal for emerging threats during 2016 to ensure that our security provision meets industry standards. This process confirmed the suitability of our existing and new marine, base and aviation security arrangements.

In addition, ahead of employees being deployed to Senegal and other key locations, Cairn commissioned a detailed security assessment to ensure security risks were fully identified. Some high-profile attacks in West African countries such as Mali and Burkina Faso occurred in 2016. In response, the Senegalese authorities tightened security measures and a review and update of the Dakar office and supply base security arrangement were carried out.

Cairn subscribes to a number of security risk monitoring systems that inform management of any planned events that may heighten security alertness, such as protests and demonstrations. This was used successfully in 2016 and no security incidents were experienced.

Cairn recognises the increasing convergence between physical and cyber-security management and this has led to the establishment of the internal Security Governance Forum (SGF). The forum will be used to communicate threats, strategies and security improvement plans and ensure a holistic and collaborative approach to security management throughout the Cairn Group.

We maintain an active role in the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) Security Committee, among others. This facilitates collaboration with industry members to provide good practice guidance and proactive discussion on the current security situation, and allows knowledge sharing across the international oil and gas community.

Objective 2017

  • Security exercise will be run and we will continue to provide improved support to ‘high-risk’ travellers
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