Working responsibly

Charitable giving

We want to give something back to the communities in which we work, both through focused social investment and charitable donations.

The Cairn Charities Committee’s primary focus is on distributing its annual budget among charities based in Edinburgh and the Lothians area, where Cairn is headquartered. The committee evaluates applications based on our selection criteria.

We also support local communities in regions where we are operationally active, through charitable donations and social investment. This activity is coordinated and managed in-country by the regional director.

We have now disbursed most of our 2018 allocation for charitable giving and will be accepting applications for a further round of awards in 2018 until Friday 27 April 2018. All organisations that have applied in previous years are welcome to do so again.

All requests for funding are required to be submitted using our: 

application form (0.14MB)

Selection criteria

Cairn looks to support charities that, first and foremost, share our core values of Respect, Relationships and Responsibility.

We act with respect for people, their communities, the environment, human rights and the law.

We act honestly, transparently and with integrity to develop strong, lasting relationships with all our stakeholders.

We behave fairly, ethically and are accountable for our actions. We believe in, and act on, our responsibility to care for people, society and the environment.

We also look to support charities that encourage the behaviours we value in our own organisation, such as teamwork, fostering individual potential and encouraging entrepreneurial spirit.

Cairn supports charities across a number of categories including young people, communities, health, environment, arts and culture, and education and learning.

Please note, Cairn does not fund the following:

  • charities with religious or political affiliations;
  • political parties;
  • places of worship;
  • labour unions;
  • organisations where there is a potential conflict of interest;
  • organisations that discriminate; or
  • individual sponsorship.
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