Working responsibly

Contractors and suppliers

Strong relationships with our suppliers and partners are vital to our success. We seek to work with others who are committed to comply with legal requirements and act in a manner that is consistent with our expectations – including those who are employed along the supply chain and the third parties who work on our sites.

Assessing contracting services

We employ a rigorous contractor and supplier selection process that assesses competency levels and management systems. At the tender stage, all potential contractors are provided with our Code of Ethics and their acceptance of its requirements is a precondition of working with us.

Contractors are assessed during the tendering processes, for pre-activity readiness, and subsequently monitored and engaged during operations.

Using local suppliers

During exploration and appraisal activities, our contractors are often international service companies; however, we continue to promote and give preference to local service providers wherever we can, providing our high CR standards are met. Our stakeholders continue to have a significant interest in opportunities for local contracting services, which we know depends on available skills. Where locations have limited experience in oil and gas activities, it is important to build capacity in situ.