Working responsibly

Health and well-being

Maintaining people’s health and well-being is one of our core corporate responsibilities, and of paramount importance to Cairn.

Addressing international health challenges

We support all staff who may be exposed to health risks through their work. The main risks are the potential exposure to infectious diseases and harmful substances in our operating locations or during business-critical travel. We carry out local health-risk assessments to identify potential concerns for all our operating locations, and apply controls to prevent or manage the risks.

Controls are applied in projects and for day-to-day activities such as travelling to locations where endemic diseases pose a threat. Health management plans are in place for in-country operations, and we maintain travel risk and management plans for travellers to challenging environments with specific risks.

Our ongoing efforts to support travellers include our Traveller Health and Security intranet site and travel policy. We also monitor global threats and how they may impact business continuity. We are also mindful of potential epidemics and the risk of pandemic development.

Limiting exposure to harmful materials

We manage exposure to hazardous substances (e.g. chemicals, waste) to protect both human health and the environment, following robust requirements. To do this, we select the least damaging materials possible to maintain their function; provide suitable storage and handling facilities; implement work risk assessments and appropriate handling procedures; and provide suitable personal protective equipment (PPE).

Our contractors are expected to have compatible arrangements in place to prevent health impacts to their workforce, including acute and chronic exposure, and to stop harmful substances from affecting the wider environment.

Staff well-being

We want our people to be happy and healthy at work, and recognise the importance of employee well-being. During COVID-19 restrictions, it was essential that we increased activities to support our people throughout this difficult time. We rolled out an online version of our ergonomic assessments for office-based staff and contractors working at home, and provided additional support through an independent professional service where needed.

To help our people to perform at their best, our People Management Manual provides detailed information about how we manage and treat our employees. It includes policies on recruitment and selection; diversity; health and well-being; work and life balance; training and deployment; employee relations; rewards and benefits; facilities management; and whistleblowing, among others.

Our staff well-being approach also includes:

  • optional annual health assessments to all staff;
  • health and well-being awareness initiatives such as ‘lunch and learn’ sessions; and
  • sponsored sporting and fitness challenges, for which we provide both encouragement and financial support for employees’ charitable fundraising.

Download our Health, Safety & Security Policy