Working responsibly


Security risks have been increasing over recent years, representing a global risk to our personnel and our business activities as a whole. Consequently, our focus is not just directed at locations representing a high security threat, but also the potential widescale threat to all our personnel.

Keeping our people safe

We look to continually improve the support, training and advice we give to our people, subscribing to specialist tools to track and evaluate threats to personnel and assets across our locations. We maintain support mechanisms for travel and personnel working in locations that experience general and specific security challenges, across the range of our activities and in relation to our footprint in each country. These include potential threats from natural seismic events and extreme environments.

During new business assessments, we consider security issues as part of the initial investment process and new country entry procedure.

We continue to safeguard our IT infrastructure and review arrangements to ensure we remain protected from cyber security breaches and malware incidents. We also actively participate in industry bodies to ensure we are aware of potential threats and measures to prevent such breaches that would result in sensitive data loss.