Working responsibly

What matters to the business

Working responsibly means identifying issues that are material not only to the business, but also to our stakeholders.

We do this through our risk management process, which identifies the issues that are material to the business and our stakeholder engagement processes, which identify those material to stakeholders.

We plot issues important to Cairn and important to stakeholders on a materiality matrix. In 2016, out of 15 potentially material issues, which appear on the materiality matrix below, seven issues were found to be of high or significant importance to both Cairn and stakeholders and thereby deemed material.

Compared to 2015 we have seen an increasing emphasis on business ethics, human rights, climate change and social and economic benefits for our business and stakeholders.

Our materiality matrix

D_Materiality-matrix.jpg M_Materiality-matrix.jpg M_Materiality-matrix.jpg