Working responsibly

Working responsibly in Senegal

Cairn in Senegal

In 2012, Cairn embarked upon a frontier exploration drilling programme focused on the Atlantic Margin, which resulted in the discovery of oil in Senegal in 2014 – the largest global offshore oil discovery of 2014.

Cairn has now completed two drilling programmes in Senegal with a third under way, and is focused on additional exploration and appraisal activity to further delineate this potentially significant resource base. Cairn’s strategy is to deliver value for our stakeholders from the oil and gas lifecycle.

As part of this, Cairn is committed to delivering lasting and positive social and economic benefits in-country.


Delivering value for stakeholders in Senegal

Stakeholders are those affected by Cairn’s activities, including employees, communities, contractors and suppliers, and the government. Social and economic benefits include energy security, revenues from oil and gas activities, employment, development of infrastructure and social investment.

As our operational activity in Senegal progresses, so too does our level of its investment, which has both direct and indirect benefits for local stakeholders. Cairn’s belief is that the discovery and development of sustainable oil production in Senegal would greatly benefit the national economy and therefore the local population.

To date, Cairn has invested significantly through its activities in Senegal. In order to deliver the Company’s operational programmes in Senegal, Cairn has an office in Dakar and a recently built supply base in the international port of Dakar.

This is part of Cairn’s approach to operations in any country to deliver value in-country by maximising local participation, which includes employing local people and working with local companies wherever possible.

For more detail on how we have delivered value for stakeholders in Senegal please see the Cairn in Senegal section of our 2016 Annual Report